Metcha E = Very Good

“To build something very good that makes everybody smile”

Metcha E is a web development and consulting company located in Los Angeles.

I wanted a business name that makes me smile. Also, I wanted to use a phrase from Japan, which is where I came from. That’s how I picked the name, Metcha E [metʃə ē], which means “Very Good” in Japanese. It surely does make me smile every time I say it!
My logo was another element that brings me a joy. It was designed by a super talented designer, Sally Russel from FPR302.

Metcha E was born happy to build something very good!

My Vision

To build something very good that makes everybody smile

How do you choose furniture for your house? Of course, it has to be something that you like and also that fits into your budget, but you also need to think:
1) Does the furniture fit in the room? Is it too big or too small for the room size?
2) Who uses it? Depending on whether you have kids or pets, you may pick a different material.
3) What’s the purpose of the room? Is it for family or business?

Creating a website is similar to decorating your house. It’s not only about the looks; you need to take other elements into consideration. I’m here to guide you along the right path.

I’m Miyo Yamauchi

I’m not your typical developer.

I have more than 20 years of programming experience in Japan and America, but I don’t have a Computer Science degree. My college major was the Swahili language. My first job was as a shipping clerk at a trading company in Osaka, Japan. Instead of going to a computer school, I read other people’s code like reading books. It was so much fun to learn another new language! Because I didn’t take the same path as other programmers, my thinking is unique. I think outside the box.

You are unique. So is your business. Let me help you meet your own unique needs.

My Work

I’m a website architect. I enjoy making websites beautiful inside and out.

Every object has a story. Stories connect people. Storytelling brings people together.
I love storytelling. I see similarities between programming and storytelling. Sometimes I tell my stories in the spoken world. If you see me somewhere, please say hello!