Harriett Rex Smith


Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Convert a static HTML site to WordPress
  • Custom Plugin
  • WordPress Training and Tutoring

Project Summary

When the talented artist Harriett Rex Smith passed away, her family asked me to update her website.  It was a static HTML site, which was a little hard for them to update on their own.  For easier maintenance, I converted it to WordPress.  I also developed a custom plugin because I couldn’t find a perfect plugin to showcase Harriett’s beautiful artwork.

“Miyo Yamauchi is Metcha-E! She volunteered to take on the tricky job of conserving the legacy of the painter Harriett Rex Smith through a website that would showcase the artist and her work. Ms. Smith’s previous website had not been updated in years.
Quickly and with the utmost sensitivity, Miyo developed a beautiful new WordPress site (and kindly updated it several times upon the artist’s death). The site was lovely to look at, impeccably put together, easy to navigate and quick to load. It has enabled Ms. Smith’s collectors not only to see her work but also to stay in touch with the family.
Miyo wrote clear and concise directions for site additions and updates. Recently, she proposed a refresh which enhanced the home page even more.
Miyo’s work combines beautiful design and thoughtful web development, as the Harriett Rex Smith site shows. Even more, she’s a consummate professional — on time, under budget, communicative and sheer joy to work with.”

Tina Tomiyama

Harriett’s Daughter