Kathy Falco

Care Coordination by Kathy

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Domain registrar and hosting company transfer
  • Google Workspace setup
  • Mailing list setup
Kathy Falco's Website

Project Summary

It started when she asked me to help her setting up Google Workspace for her business.  While we were talking, I felt her frustration and struggling with the services that she was using at the time, so I offered the solutions including the website design.  Once she understood them and decided to hire me, we solved all the issues within two weeks.  The rest is history.

A simple meeting with Miyo on her Google expertise fast-tracked my business into the future. Miyo swooped in, saved me, and defied time to create my better-than-I-could-have-ever-imagined website! For most people 3 times may be a charm, for me, it would be 5 times! What a challenge Miyo took on – can you look at my old sites then frame my new content to make it reader-friendly and choose colors that make women feel uplifted and welcomed? A client as vague as me but with huge asks is not a recipe for success unless you are lucky to work with Miyo. Miyo’s creative talents, technical abilities, listening skills, storytelling approach, and unique intuition gave me the professional online presence I’d been craving. Even when Miyo first put tulips on my page, I realized like all of Miyo’s work – caring and intentional – tulips (two-lips : ) are the perfect flower for a woman whose work is in conversations. Miyo is amazing!

Kathy Falco

The Women’s Communication Coach